The Cub Scout Uniform

In Pack 46, we wear the Cub Scouts uniform “from the belt up.” This is commonly referred to as the “Class A” uniform.  It includes (prices may change):
  • The blue Cub Scout shirt (most get the short sleeve version): $22.99. Webelos can also wear the tan shirt that Boy Scouts and Leaders wear, they range in price from $29.99 to $44.99;
  • Neckerchief appropriate for the scout’s rank (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos): $5.99;
  • neckerchief slide (or “woggle”) appropriate for the scout’s rank: $3.99;
  • Hat (by rank also): $12.99;
  • Belt (Tiger, Cub Scout, Webelos Scout): $7.99;
  • Patches: $7-8

Patches Needed

Scout Shop staff can help you select the correct patches for the uniform. They are:
  • Westark Area Council council patch
  • Pack 46 unit numbers: 4 and 6, red patches with white numbers
  • Den numeral patch for whichever den the Cub Scout is in
  • World Scouting Crest
Temporary Insignia. Some patches they receive at events like Fall Cub Adventure and Family Camp have a little loop on the top and can be worn on the uniform as Temporary Insignia. The loop is attached to the right pocket’s button. Only one temporary patch can be worn at once. They can be added to a vest or blanket afterwards. Other Patches. The patches we get like the Pumpkin Patch patch and the Hiking patch for the first hike don’t go on the uniform. They can go on a Patch vest or Patch Blanket. The vest can be worn with the uniform at many Scouting occasions. They don’t grow out of a blanket, though. Both the vest and the blanket can be made. Patterns are available for the vest out there on the Internet.

Where do all the patches go?

The Official BSA Cub Scout Uniform and Insignia Guide — for Tigers, Wolves, Bears) (PDF download) or for Webelos — shows the elements of the Cub Scout uniform (though remember Pack 46 is just “belt up,” so no need to get pants and socks unless you want to) and where all the patches go on the uniform. You can buy your Cub Scout uniforms, patches and handbooks at: Razorback District Retail Scout Shop and Service Center 3409 Elm Springs Road Springdale, AR  72762 Phone 479-750-3033 or 479-631-1818 Fax 479-751-3807 Scout Shop Hours: Mon-Fri 10am – 6pm Saturday 10am – 2pm Closed Sundays and Holidays It’s located at the northwest corner of the intersection of HWY 412 and Interstate 540, in Ozark Center Point Place, across from Hobby Lobby. You can also sometimes find gently used Cub Scout shirts and other uniform items on eBay and at thrift stores. Patches should be worn on the uniform as indicated in the Official BSA Cub Scout Uniform and Insignia Guide linked above. There is a product called “Badge Magic” that acts as a kind of glue to put patches on with. It CAN ruin a shirt, however. We recommend you sew on patches, or have them sewn on for you. There are several local cleaners or seamstresses who will do it for $1 per patch or less.

Uniform Closet

For families on a tight budget, we have created a uniform closet.  This is a collection of donated uniform accessories that have been donated by scouts as they move up the ranks. Please help this cause by donating used uniforms, neckerchiefs, slides, hats, pants etc.  If you are in need of some assistance, please let your den leader or the Cubmaster know.

Pack Activity Shirts — “Class B” Uniform

Pack 46 has Pack 46 t-shirts (often referred to as “Activity Uniforms” or “Class B” uniforms) for sale for the Cub Scout and his entire family. Pack t-shirts are $10 each and can be purchased at Pack Meetings and some other events.

Wearing the Uniform

The uniform should always be neat and clean. The Cub Scout Uniform Shirt should be worn tucked in at all times. Especially in cold weather, Cub Scouts can wear a t-shirt (short or long sleeved t-shirt, not a rugby or polo or other collared shirt) under the uniform. It should also be neat and clean. Cub Scouts can wear jeans, khakis, or other neat, clean pants with the uniform shirt and belt. They should NOT wear sweat pants, track pants, or decorated or camouflage pants. Cub Scouts can wear any clean shoes with their uniforms (tennis shoes, hiking boots, sport sandals with covered toes like Keens, etc.), but no flip flops or other open-toed shoes. The Cub Scout Hat should always be worn forward, never backward or to the side. Only the official uniform hat should be worn with the Cub Scout uniform. It should not be worn with other clothes. The neckerchief should ONLY be worn with the official uniform shirt, and it should be worn any time the uniform shirt is worn. The Class A uniform (uniform shirt, neckerchief, slide, belt, hat) should be worn at Pack Meeting, den meetings, and pack activities where we want to project a sense of pride and togetherness (parades, etc.) or where there is a ceremony performed (e.g., flag ceremony, wreath-laying, etc.). The Class B uniform or Activity Uniform (Pack t-shirt) may be worn for activities such as hikes, campouts, service projects, where the Class A uniform might get dirty or damaged. A red “brag vest” can also be worn with the uniform. They are the place to display patches and pins that aren’t specifically to be worn on the uniform. Webelos Colors: the Webelos colors go on the right sleeve, just below the U.S. flag or the den number patch. Tip: pin it through the den number patch or the blue border on the bottom of the flag patch to help keep it stable, as it’s pretty heavy when loaded with Activity Badges. Webelos Activity Badges: ARE worn on the uniform, either (a) on the front of the Webelos hat, or (2) on the Webelos Colors. Either place is acceptable.