Pack 46 Hiking

One of Cub Scouting’s Core Values is “Health and Fitness.” Getting kids outside and moving is essential to their good physical — and mental — health. More and more studies show that children who spend more time outdoors are healthier and happier, both as children and adults. Also, it’s a blast! Pack 46 has a hike planned for every month for 2012-2013. We choose hikes that are varied and fun and offer a great variety of hiking experiences. They are usually easy to moderate in difficulty and less than 3 miles in length. Most are located within a 30 mile radius of Fayetteville. Some of the places we have hiked in the last couple of years include: Devil’s Den State Park, Withrow Springs State Park, Lake Fayetteville, Tanyard Creek Trail, Lake Wedington Recreation Area, and Rock City. Pack 46 has its own awards programs to encourage Scouts to get out on the trail and hike with their pack or den.

The Cub Scouting 6 Essentials

First Aid Kit
All a Cub Scout’s FAK needs to have in it is something to deal with small cuts or abrasions (anything larger needs to be brought to the attention of an adult). A few cleaning wipes, a few bandaids of various sizes, and maybe some hand sanitizer is all he needs.
Filled Water Bottle
It’s essential to stay hydrated in all conditions, but especially in hot weather.
A small handheld flashlight or a headlamp helps find the trail if the Scout gets caught out after dark.
Trail Food
Everyone needs fuel to exercise, and the best things to bring along are health(ier) snacks like a hanful of almonds, some fruit (fresh or dried), or maybe some jerky. Leave the sugary snacks (candy bars, etc.) at home. Remember to pack out any wrapper or waste (apple core, etc.).
Sun Protection
Sunscreen before the hike, and adequate clothing (including a hat), help keep the damaging sun at bay. Think about how they’re have a lifetime in the outdoors and protect them accordingly. They have trouble thinking that far in advance, so help them remember to put the sunscreen on.
The cheapest, easiest method of communication outdoors is a whistle. If you get lost or separated from the group, a whistle is louder than you can yell and can be blown for far longer than you can yell. Remind them that it’s ONLY for emergency use.

Pack 46 Hiking Awards

Pack 46 believes that Scouting is outing, and we spend a lot of time camping, hiking and doing other outdoor activities. To reflect this, we give three hiking awards:

The First Mile

After a Cub Scout goes on his first hike with Pack 46, he gets a patch for his patch vest or patch blanket.


After a Cub Scout has hiked a total of 25 miles on hikes with Pack 46 and his den, he gets a “25-Miler” patch for his patch vest or patch blanket.


After a Cub Scout has hiked a total of 50 miles with Pack 46 or his den, he is awarded a hiking stick in a special ceremony during a Pack Meeting.


For the 75th mile hiked with the pack, they are awarded a special compass. (Awarded for the first time in 2013)

Pack 46 Hiking Hall of Fame

The following Cub Scouts of Pack 46 have earned their 50-miler hiking sticks:
  • Michael A May 2017
  • Daniel S Feb 2017
  • Dakota B Feb 2017
  • Ezra V Feb 2017
  • Dakota N Jan 2017
  • Noah S Jan 2017
  • Troy Z Dec 2016
  • Isaiah C Oct 201
  • Elias T Sept 2016
  • Caleb B Sept 2016
  • Kolt B Sept 2016
  • Cameron L May 16
  • Joseph V March 16
  • Harrison C  January 2016
  • Andrew L December 2015
  •  Matthew B December 2015
  •  Pearson B October 2015
  •  Sam T      October 2015
  • Madoc R     October 2015
  • Orion F     September 2015
  • Jake N     July 2015
  • Will M     March 2015
  • Isaac O   November 2014
  • Noah F    October 2014
  • Cole J     September 2014
  • Gideon F   September 2014
  • Evan R. – March 2014
  • Evan B. – February 2014
  • Riley B. – January 2014
  • Sean H. – November 2013
  • Brooks B. – January 2013
  • Isaac M. – January 2013
  • James M. – November 2012
  • Daniel J. – May 2012
  • Christopher M. – February 2012
  • Joshua M. – February 2012
  • Bret J. – February 2012
  • Noah C. – October 2011
  • Zeb A. – August 2011
  • Isaac S. – August 2011
  • Cory C. – February 2010
  • Daniel B. – December 2009
  • Brody B. – November 2009
  • Michael B. – February 2009
The following Scouts have earned their 75-miler compass:
  • Kolt B Feb 2017
  • Pearson B Jan 2017
  • Sam T Oct 2016
  • Orion F Nov 2016
  • Joseph V Nov 2016
  • Will M March 16
  • Isaac O  September 2015
  • Evan R  November 2014
  • Evan B  October 2014
  • Noah C. – January 2014
  • Daniel J. – November 2013
The following Scouts have earned their 100 mile award:
  • Sam T Feb 17
  • Will M Jan 17
  • Isaac O March 16
Will your Scout be next?