The responsibility for a boy’s earning of awards in Cub Scouting lies with the family, not with the Pack. Many requirements are done at den meetings, but many are done with you, too! You can sign off on his requirements when you and your son feel that he has done his best (the Cub Scout Motto is “Do Your Best.”) As a result, the awards he earns raise his self-esteem and confidence. We track advancement in ScoutTrack.

Pack 46 encourages Cub Scouts to earn their rank badge by the Blue & Gold Banquet at the end of February. If they don’t earn it by then, they can continue to work on it until June 1.

Bobcat Badge

The first rank earned by all boys when they join Cub Scouts. In earning their Bobcat badge, Cub Scouts learn about Cub Scouting.

Tiger Cubs (1st grade)

Tiger Cubs work with an adult partner on achievements and electives.

Wolf Cub Scouts (2nd grade)

Wolves work on 12 achievements to earn the Wolf Badge. Each requirement is designed to teach simple skills and initiate family discussions on values, citizenship, health, etc.

Bear Cub Scouts (3rd grade)

Bears must complete 12 out of 24 achievements to earn the Bear Badge. These achievements are a little more challenging than the Wolf year. He will also earn his Whittling Chip this year, which allows him to carry a pocketknife at some Cub Scout activities.

Webelos Scouts (4th and 5th grade)

As a Webelos Scout, a boy works to achieve the Webelos Badge, 20 activity badges and the Arrow of Light. They are Webelos Scouts for most of two years, but are in separate dens for each grade level. The Webelos Scouts also begin learning about Boy Scouting this year.

Arrow of Light

The highest rank in Cub Scouting. A Webelos must first earn the Webelos Badge and then complete several additional requirements to attain the Arrow of Light. The Webelos Scouts also learn more about Boy Scouts, going on troop meeting visits and campouts with troops. 5th Grade Webelos/Arrow of Light Scouts cross over to Boy Scout Troops in February or March of their 5th grade year.

All advancement requirements are in your Cub Scout’s handbook for his rank (Webelos use the same book for 4th and 5th grade years). It is very important that he have the handbook for his rank and that you both read it. It also has valuable information about his uniform and other useful things.


Pack 46 uses to keep advancements records, maintain a calendar of events, and send email communications for the Pack. You should have received an email with an invitation and username to log into ScoutTrack when you joined Pack 46. Contact the membership coordinator to get an account if you still need one.

Tiger, Wolf, and Bear parents can enter completed requirements for their Scouts in ScoutTrack. Den Leaders will also enter completed requirements done in den meetings.

Webelos Scouts report their completed requirements to their Den Leaders, who enter the information into ScoutTrack. This is to get the Webelos Scouts ready for reporting advancement completions to their Patrol Leader in Boy Scouts.